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General FAQs for Massachusetts Viewers
Q: Will any of my channel locations or channel schedules change?
A: Supporting our new collaboration, Comcast agreed to partner with us to implement the following changes for their Massachusetts customers that went into effect in October:
  • WGBH remains on channels 2 and HD 802/702
  • WGBX is on channels 16 and HD 801/711
NHPTV PRIME and NHPTV EXPLORE are no longer available in Massachusetts.

As part of this new collaboration, NHPTV and WGBH now have more closely aligned schedules so that both NHPTV PRIME and WGBH 2 largely follow the national PBS schedule. PBS favorites as well as many local favorites also are now shared on both stations.

WGBH 44 and NHPTV EXPLORE’s schedules are also largely the same.

The CREATE and WORLD channels are now available in both states.

See MA Schedule and Channel Lineups for additional details.

Q: If I currently receive WGBH/NHPTV via antenna over the air or through a different provider, will be affected?
Viewers who use an antenna to watch over-the-air will still be able to watch NHPTV PRIME and NHPTV EXPLORE. Other cable and satellite providers are not making these changes at this time. But WGBH 2/NHPTV PRIME and WGBH 44/NHPTV EXPLORE’s schedules are now largely the same.

Q: Will I still be able to watch the NHPTV Annual Spring Auction?
A: The NHPTV Spring Auction will celebrate its 40th year in 2013 and NHPTV is committed to continuing one of the most successful volunteer-driven auctions in the country. Viewers in New Hampshire will continue to watch the NHPTV Spring Auction on-air and online. Viewers in Massachusetts will be able to watch the NHPTV Spring Auction online, and participate in bidding.

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