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Programs at a glance
NHPTV PRIME -  Features all the well-known PBS series such as Masterpiece, PBS NewsHour, NOVA, Antiques Roadshow and PBS Kids, as well as public TV favorites such as British comedies, lifestyle and cooking shows and Lawrence Welk. NHPTV PRIME also continues to features New Hampshire-focused programs like Windows to the Wild, Roadside Stories and Granite State Challenge. And, WGBH’s local productions such as Greater Boston, High School Quiz Show and Neighborhood Kitchens are now also available on NHPTV PRIME.
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NHPTV EXPLORE – Features alternate broadcast times for many key PBS programs including PBS NewsHour at 7pm, Nightly Business Report, Antiques Roadshow and Frontline. Viewers can also find locally focused independent programs, as well as British drama programs such as Doc Martin and Lark Rise to Candleford.
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World – A 24/7 non-fiction and documentary channel featuring thought-provoking stories on today's headlines, scientific advances, historic revelations, and natural wonders.*

Create – Round-the-clock lifestyle programming to help you make the most of life, with practical tips on everything from home improvement and decorating to travel and cooking.*

WGBH Kids – Acclaimed and award-winning PBS children’s shows and family-friendly programming offered 24/7.*

* Online schedules for World, Create, and Kids are under construction. Please view your Comcast on-screen guide for current program information.

As part of this new collaboration, NHPTV and WGBH now have more closely aligned schedules so that both NHPTV PRIME and WGBH 2 largely follow the national PBS schedule. PBS favorites as well as many local favorites also are now shared on both stations. And, viewers in New Hampshire have expanded access to public media channels WORLD and CREATE.

See below for channel descriptions and lineups, sample schedules, and links to what’s on now.
Channel Descriptions for New Hampshire Viewers
We’ve listed some of the most frequently asked about programs so you can quickly see when and where they are on NHPTV and WGBH. Visit us online at and for complete schedules and repeats.

In the coming months, the NHPTV and WGBH broadcast departments will continue to coordinate program buying to align the schedules on NHPTV EXPLORE and WGBH 44 even more.  If there are programs not currently airing on your local station that you would like to see, please Contact Us with your suggestions.
NHPTV Channel Lineups - Effective 10/8