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General FAQs for New Hampshire Viewers
Q: What has changed about the programs NH audiences view on NHPTV PRIME and EXPLORE?
A: NHPTV PRIME viewers are now able to watch prime-time PBS programs when they premiere nationally and as they air on WGBH 2. Viewers still will have the same PBS series they know and love, such as Masterpiece, PBS NewsHour, NOVA, Antiques Roadshow and PBS Kids, as well as public TV favorites such as British comedies, lifestyle and cooking shows and Lawrence Welk.
NHPTV EXPLORE offers alternate times for key PBS programs, and is a showcase for locally produced and acquired programs. Many of the programs that NHPTV EXPLORE viewers are accustomed to seeing will continue on the WORLD and CREATE channels.

Q: Will the same programs be on both NHPTV and WGBH? What will be different?
A: Viewers in each state will see the same full PBS slate of programs. Under the new arrangement, both NHPTV PRIME and WGBH 2 offer the full national PBS service as well as programs with a local focus of value to New Hampshire and Massachusetts audiences.

Q: What happens to New Hampshire-focused programs?
A: Audiences in New Hampshire will continue to enjoy series such as Windows to the Wild, Roadside Stories, Granite State Challenge, and other NH-focused programs. One of the many benefits of this new arrangement is that NHPTV will be able to dedicate resources to programs about New Hampshire and educational services that benefit NH viewers.

Q: Will any of my channel locations or channel schedules change?
A: On October 8, as part of the NHPTV-WGBH collaboration, Comcast subscribers residing in New Hampshire now access all of your local and PBS favorites exclusively on NHPTV.  WGBH is no longer viewable in New Hampshire.

But NHPTV and WGBH now have more closely aligned schedules so that both NHPTV PRIME and WGBH 2 largely follow the national PBS schedule.  Many local favorites are also now shared on both stations.  And Comcast viewers in New Hampshire have expanded access to public media channels WORLD and CREATE.

See NH Schedule and Channel Lineups for additional details.

Q: If I currently receive WGBH/NHPTV via antenna over the air or through a different provider, will be affected?
A: Viewers who use an antenna to watch over-the-air will still be able to watch WGBH 2 and WGBH 44.  Other cable and satellite providers are not making these changes at this time. But WGBH 2/NHPTV PRIME and WGBH 44/NHPTV EXPLORE‚Äôs schedules are now largely the same.

Q: Will I still be able to watch the NHPTV Annual Spring Auction?
A: The NHPTV Spring Auction will celebrate its 40th year in 2013 and NHPTV is committed to continuing one of the most successful volunteer-driven auctions in the country. Viewers in New Hampshire will continue to watch the NHPTV Spring Auction on-air and online.

Q: I live in Maine/Vermont and watch NHPTV PRIME / NHPTV EXPLORE. Will that continue?
A: You will continue to be able to view NHPTV. New program lineups for NHPTV PRIME and NHPTV EXPLORE will roll out this fall so you will see programs airing at new times.

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