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In October, through the support of Comcast, NHPTV and WGBH launched a new route to public television.

What does that mean for you?  For Comcast subscribers, it means you’ll now access all of your local and PBS favorites exclusively on NHPTV if you live in New Hampshire, and exclusively on WGBH if you live in Massachusetts.

Why is this happening? Last year, NHPTV suffered a loss of state funding that put New Hampshire at risk of losing its local public television service, and which could have left many Granite State viewers without access to any public television.

NHPTV and WGBH looked at our shared values and programs and realized that by combining some administrative and operational services, and aligning our schedules just a bit more, we could ensure the road to public television remains open to everyone in New Hampshire while preserving the local public service that is the hallmark of public television.

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